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Getting Back Into a Training Routine After a Break

You may have taken some time off over the holiday period, or maybe you’ve just returned from an overseas holiday and are ready to get back in to training – but it’s important that you ease yourself back into it.

If you were only off for a week or so, you can probably jump right back in to your normal schedule, however if you’re returning after a few weeks or months off you’ll likely have to adjust your routine. The most important thing to remember is to take it slow; you probably won’t have the same stamina or strength that you did a few months ago at your peak.

Take your training one session at a time – don’t over commit to training, classes, or PT sessions. See how you feel after your first day back. Give yourself a couple of days in between sessions to see how your body feels and adjusts to training again. Slowly but surely, you’ll start to regain your stamina and strength, and feel less fatigued after your training. You’ll be back to your regular training routine in no time!


And don’t forget, recovery is just as important as training! If you want to get back to where you were quicker, make sure you’re including recovery tools and/or services in your schedule. Services like contrast pools or saunas can help with muscle fatigue and reducing DOMS in between your sessions for a quicker recovery. Or, if you can’t fit something like that into your week, a simple stretch after your session can also greatly benefit you. Adding in tools like foam rollers or massage balls to your stretching session to work on particularly sore or tight spots is a simple and low-cost recovery technique we highly recommend.

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