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STAR Blog #11 – How unhealthy eating affects your recovery

It’s no secret that having a healthy, balanced diet will compliment your sporting performance. Equally so, it is important that we avoid unhealthy foods and junk after a big day of training or exercise.

Why? It’s simple – you can actually impede your recovery and muscle repair. Think of a car engine, if we feed it bad oil, the car will not run as smoothly or fast. But if we use good and clean oil, the car can reach optimal performance.

Nutrition plays an important role in sports performance from pre-workout all the way to recovery. People tend to neglect healthy eating after training as they have already done the hard work and believe they deserve a fatty meal as a reward. However, whatever you eat post-training will be used to restore your energy levels and promote muscle recovery and growth.

If you’re going to feed your muscles with burgers and fries, you won’t be maximising your performance and you may even feel lethargic the following day from excessive fat and salt.

During intense training, your body burns a lot of glycogen and your muscle tissue may be damaged due to resistance. As a basic rule of thumb, athletes should consume good carbohydrates and protein to repair muscle tissue and replenish their energy levels.

To achieve peak sports performance, a healthy balanced diet should be adopted at all stages of your training, from pre-training to recovery.

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