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STAR Blog #6 – You gotta compress to be the best!

Have you ever met an athlete that isn’t interested in shortening their recovery time after heavy exercise or sporting events? Neither have we.

That’s one reason why our Air Relax compression boots are so popular in providing athletes a competitive edge.

Here at STAR, we know that recovery and nutrition are an absolutely integral part of any athlete’s training program which is why we’re always recommending a good compression session.

The Air Relax compression boots are designed to help athletes recover faster and perform better. Multiple scientific studies have proven just that. And we know that athletes feel improved strength and recovery by using Air Relax compression boots.

How does it work? The boots use state-of-the-art digitally controlled pneumatic systems to provide compression massages up and down your lower body.

This includes a barometric pressure sensor that evenly distributes pressure, no matter how big or small a person’s limbs are.

At the beginning of a compression session, several expansion cycles are used to compensate for pressure relative to the person’s limbs and body circumference. Hence it may take longer to fully fill during the first cycle or double correction.

Benefits include improved performance through increased blood flow, faster recovery, reduced muscle pain, and reduced fatigue.

So if you want to maximise your athletic capacity, improve your recovery time, and incorporate an easy solution into an effective recovery training program, then Air Relax Compression boots should be at the top of your list!

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