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STAR Blog #8 – The benefits of EMS

You know about the benefits of hot & cold therapy. You know about the benefits of using a spa & sauna. And you know about compression.

But do you know about the benefits of EMS – Electrical Muscle Stimulation?

All training programs need to integrate electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to force muscle contraction. The best in sports performance agree that EMS is an important tool, especially for the highest levels of performance.

There are several theories about how EMS machines help strengthen muscles. One potential reason is that when muscles are maximally contracted during exercise, only 30% of muscle fibres are contracted. The remaining 70% are sleeping.

EMS can be used to electrically stimulate these resting muscle fibres that aren’t completely used during exercise to improve muscle strength. Studies have also shown that EMS is more effective when the muscles are weak and it is difficult to perform regular exercises. So even if you’re not an elite athlete, EMS is for you!

EMS also helps to improve nerve conduction mobilisation. The more often your muscles are mobilised, the better your body finds the fastest way to mobilise those muscles. EMS provides contractions over and over to facilitate this learning process.

Studies have proven that EMS can help reduce recovery time, relieve pain, build muscle strength, and improve performance.

In short, with the help of STAR, our EMS service can help supercharge your recovery, therefore you can run more and train harder.

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