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How Can A Dietitian Help Your Training and Recovery

We’ve recently introduced Claire to the STAR family as our resident dietitian! You can book in to see Claire here. But, how exactly can a dietitian assist you in your training and recovery? Dietitians can use nutrition to help you train, compete and recover. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a casual gym-goer, there’s significant evidence showing nutrition enhances sporting performance.

Put simply, a dietitian will be working towards creating a well-balanced and healthy diet for you to allow you to:

  • Perform at a higher level

  • Reduce the risk of illness and injury

  • Maximise recovery periods

Many believe dietetics is about calories, protein, carbs and fat – but really, this is just the beginning. To get real results and benefits from your diet, you also need to look at the periodisation of nutrient intake, the timing of nutrients and a number of other factors. A dietitian can assist you in developing a strategy to eat well that suits your unique lifestyle and specific sport. The recommendations provided by a dietitian will be geared towards fueling your training, improving overall performance, decreasing recovery time, and even manipulating your body composition to ensure you’re at your peak.

Each dietitian may have different methods, however some things you may be able to expect in a session can include:

  • Assessment and analysis of your current diet, body composition, and energy balance (calorie intake & expenditure).

  • Suggestions & recommendations on optimal nutrition for your specific training regime.

  • Assist athletes to achieve and maintain a certain level of body mass, body fat and muscle mass that is consistent with good health and performance in relation to their body and lifestyle.

  • Create personalised meal plans.

  • Tracking and documenting the outcomes of certain nutrition plans.

  • And much, much more.

If you’d like to discuss your diet and nutrition goals, and begin to work towards improving your performance and overall health, be sure to book in to see Claire today!

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