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STAR Blog #12 – How unhealthy drinking affects your recovery

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

It’s a Friday night, and you have plans to go out drinking for your best mate’s birthday. You prepare yourself for a fun weekend, so you smash out an intense training session before the madness begins.

Our recent blog talked about the negative effects of unhealthy eating after training, and the same goes for unhealthy drinking. Appropriate nutrition and hydration go hand in hand when it comes to a speedy recovery after training.

Naturally, the human body treats alcohol as a toxin and wants to get rid of it as fast as it can, putting muscle-building and fat-burning processes on hold.

Consuming alcohol after sports and exercise serves zero benefits for recovery. Alcohol slows down the repair process by inhibiting the functions of hormones that are involved in this healing process. Not only that, but alcohol also induces fluid loss and contributes further to dehydration.


After a sweaty training session, it is important to hydrate yourself with water to replace the fluids you have lost. So, it is no brainer that dehydration is the last thing your body needs after training.

You shouldn’t feel guilty enjoying a nice beverage on your weekends, however excessive alcohol consumption will definitely put every bit of hard work into the ground.

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