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STAR Blog #13 – What’s so hot about infrared saunas?

There’s nothing quite like a 30-minute sweat session in a sauna. But not quite like a traditional sauna that almost makes you feel like you can’t breathe – an infrared sauna.

What’s so hot about infrared saunas? Infrared saunas produce the same infrared heat produced by the sun, allowing the heat to penetrate deeply into your joints, muscles, and tissues in which promote oxygen circulation.

The best part is that the internal temperature of an infrared sauna doesn’t have to be as high to induce detoxifying perspiration, in contrast to your traditional saunas.

Infrared saunas operate below 60 degrees, while traditional can get up to 85 degrees.

The infrared environment is more tolerable, allowing you to stay in the sauna longer and reap more of its benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should try it out.


Using infrared saunas help flush the impurities from your cells, especially the cells that store body waste and harmful toxins such as heavy metals. As we receive a deeper penetration from the infrared waves, we bring out these substances leaving your body cleaner and detoxified.

Muscle Recovery

With deeper penetration of the infrared waves into our tissues, it promotes faster muscle recovery and pain relief from overworked joints. Waste products such as lactic acid become trapped in our muscles after strenuous exercise, causing tension and soreness. By using infrared saunas, these products are eliminated as the infrared heat enhances oxygen flow, circulating the rich oxygenated blood to our muscles and promoting a faster recovery.

Stress & Mental Health

You will immediately feel relaxed and calm from the cosy and comforting environment created from our infrared saunas. The heated space will allow your body to slow down the nervous system and transition into a healing state. During this process your body will also release “feel-good” hormones known as endorphins, letting you focus on yourself and fight away any stress and anxiety you may feel.

Want to give infrared saunas a go? Book your session with us today, and leave feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

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