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STAR Blog #15 – Massage Guns

Massage guns have gained increasing popularity over the years and have become an athlete’s best friend.

Small and compact, a massage gun is a convenient tool that sends rapid vibrating pulses through the muscle to stimulate blood flow and mimic the effects of a deep tissue massage.

They can be used to target specific muscle groups and small trigger points that may cause you discomfort or soreness. Massage guns are widely used as a warm-up tool to maximise performance and post-workout to relieve DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness).

The rapid and strong vibrations of a massage gun break up tension even more than your traditional massages and foam rollers. A study by The Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research showed that vibration therapy is an effective way to reduce DOMS and combat pain.

Below are the top three benefits of using a massage gun that will transform your recovery.

  1. Ease sore muscles

We have all experienced the burden of DOMS and this can heavily impact our ability to exercise the following day if not properly treated. The vibrations from a massage gun stimulates blood and improves our overall circulation. This is helpful for muscle health and recovery, and aids in the circulation of oxygen rich blood to the areas that need it.

  1. Increase range of motion

Our mobility depends on several things – our muscles, tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints. With the use of massage gun, it will loosen up those stiff joints and relax tight muscles allowing better flexibility and a fuller range of motion. An increased range of motion heightens your athletic ability and lowers the prevalence of injuries and sprains.

  1. Rehabilitation and recovery

Massage guns have become the new staple when it comes to rehabilitation therapy and recovery. They help release lactic acid and other toxins from the muscle that cause pain and cramping, which speeds up recovery and prevents injury in future. Improved circulation to atrophied muscles and tissues helps these areas heal within a shorter time frame.

So, do massage guns really work? Our answer is yes and can be the ultimate recovery hack that holds the most convenience and benefits for everyone out there.

If you don’t have a massage gun on hand at home, come visit STAR and feel the turbocharge for yourself.

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