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STAR Blog #16 – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

You’ve probably never heard of HBOT before, so let us explain to you what exactly this recovery service is and how it can benefit you.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or better known as HBOT, involves breathing pure oxygen in a highly pressurised environment.

The goal of HBOT is to supercharge the body’s natural healing process through enhanced oxygen delivery.

High levels of oxygen are delivered under pressure in a hyperbaric chamber where the air pressure is increased to two or three times higher than normal air pressure.

Under such pressurised conditions, it gives your lungs the ability to gather a lot more oxygen than you would experience at normal air pressure.

With your body and blood cells gaining extra oxygen this will help repair tissue damage and fight against infection. As a result, HBOT will assist in reducing inflammation, promote wound healing and overall improve metabolism and sleep quality.

STAR have recently introduced HBOT as a new premium service by teaming up with Advance Rehab Clinics who are proud hosts of an ADVANCE O2 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (pictured above).

You can discover the Advance Rehab experience and benefit from anywhere between 3 to 80 sessions, depending on how severe your condition is.

One HBOT session will take around 1 hour however you can choose to do longer or shorter sessions if needed.

You can expect to be sitting comfortably in a deflated chamber which slowly go into a pressurisation process and inflate to double the size. You’ll feel the pressure in your ears like you would if you were high up on a mountain or aeroplane, but this will stabilise, and you will feel totally relaxed!

As you’ll be sitting in the chamber for over an hour, we recommend using the time to unwind and disconnect with the outside world. Otherwise, you can bring something in to fill the time like your laptop, phone or a good book which are all allowed in the chamber.

So really HBOT is perfect for anyone – whether you are an athlete or regularly exercise, recovering from an injury, or you are merely stressed and looking for some alone time.

It’s the newest recovery technology and worthwhile implementing in your weekly regime. To find out more check out our website and book your first HBOT session while you’re there!

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