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STAR Blog #19 – Prioritising Mental Health & Wellbeing

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Focusing on our mental health is equally important as our physical health – both on and off the field.

As we work out or play sports, our focus tends to be on the physical aspects; however, behind the scenes our brain and mental state is what ultimately calls the shots when it comes to how we think and feel.

Our mental health and wellbeing includes emotional, psychological, and social components which affect how we think, feel and act.

To perform and feel at our best, we also need to think and feel at our best. How we cope with stress and make decisions are essential in any kind of sport.

That’s why we need to also prioritise our mental health and wellbeing, and by utilising several recovery techniques like infrared saunas and float therapy, this can help contribute to an improved state of mind.

Recovery is a great way to practice mindfulness, as you are letting your body reset and recharge – again, not just physically.

Taking time out of your overstimulated, busy life to just press pause isn’t valued enough by most of us and can be the reason why we often feel stressed and burnt out.

To avoid this from happening and snowballing into a bigger problem, it is helpful to set aside a few hours of your weekly schedule to focus on yourself and take a breather – especially as an elite athlete under pressure from upcoming competitions.

It is as simple as sitting in an infrared sauna, floating your worries away or even taking a minute to breathe. There are many methods that will help you achieve both a healthy mental and physical state.

We want to encourage everyone to focus on their mental health as much as their physical health and find something that helps you feel #AtYourBest.

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